A quirky guide to the best makeup brushes for cheap!

Makeup brushes! Available in every size, shape design! Have you seen the mermaid ones? They are to die for. If you are anything like me; you probably won’t know what each one is for, but will buy them because they have a snazzy handle, mermaid handle! But where can we get the best makeup brushes for cheap?

You may scoff when you pop into a shape and see the price for a simple brush. One would hope that said brush would have magical qualities for that price. Alas! There are other options that are a little kinder to the pocket.

We will first have a look at where some of the brushes on the market today are so eye wateringly expensive. First of all, it’s a specific market, so that on it’s on will bump up the price.

Very clever marketing on brands. We only have to switch on the TV to see some beautiful model brushing her enviably sharp cheek bones that could cut steal with this brush. The way it is represented is that this brush is a must have. To achieve this unachievable look you must have this brush. Without it the world will end and you will never get that photo shopped look.

The quality of the brush itself and individual bristles can easily bump the price up. People today are much more aware and conscious of carbon foot prints, animal testing and sourcing of their products. It is quite frowned upon if you not aware that your humble makeup brush is not sourced from responsible sources, tested on animals, has a carbon footprint, creates green house gasses, manufactured by slave child labour, and is aiding world hunger. Okay, an exaggeration but these issues have become important.

A lot of us would love to be able to splash out on the most exquisite and luxurious brand makeup brush or brushes, but our bank statement rains is back in and reminds us to calm down. Can we really justify spending a small fortune on a humble brush?

A quirky guide to the best makeup brushes for cheap!

But thank goodness there is a budget option. If you are looking for the best makeup brushes for cheap; you are in luck! Admittedly it will not be a brand name (unless it’s a knock off), it will not be made of anything special; sorry no albino unicorn tail hair, and chances are it will fall apart quite quickly. But if you just need one and don’t mind having to replace them often then it’s good news.

Most shops you go to will have their own brand, luxurious brands and the cheap and cheerful brand. For example, Superdrug. If you were to browse their website you will find that if you search with the filter of lowest price first; you will find a plethora of wonderfully priced makeup brushes. Their own brand of brushes and a few other brands.  There is a pretty good range priced from £1.99 to £2.99.  It is safe to say it is a no frills, bells and whistles brand. Very basic and plain to look at. But if on a very tight budget; for £10 or less you could get a nice little collection.  You will need to look at the reviews; but a majority of the cheap options have around four out of five stars. You get what you pay for really.

Wilko’s have a much smaller selection of own brand makeup brushes for cheap, but for a £1 who can complain? If you are willing to spend between £2 – £3 for a brushes there are some beautiful options with great reviews. Beautiful and chunky brushes.

Some people over look the cheap and cheerful option that people overlook is the local market. Again, maybe not the best quality but you will probably be able to stock up on your favourite types of brushes for a tiny fraction of the price otherwise though.

Is it cheaper to buy in bulk rather than singles? Well it depends. Are you just looking for a single specific brush for your eyebrows? Or do you need it all? If in doubt a great option for getting the best makeup brushes for cheap is the good old, tried and trusted (kind of) internet. E-commerce websites are great option to try and find great bargains. To be fair you don’t really need to look very hard. A simple search of ‘makeup brush’ or ‘makeup brush sets’ will present you with an abundance of search results that goes on for pages. For around the £10 mark you can get a ridiculously fabulous set of between 7 and 20 pieces. To be fair; would we know what to do with all 20 pieces? I mean I suppose it is a bargain, but I would imagine that most of them would get lost under a chair somewhere, get used for something else, or just gather dust on a shelf somewhere and never get to see the light of day again. For £3 more you can treat yourself to a 33 piece set of pretty pink makeup brushes complete with a gift box and a blender. To me this would seem like a great deal even though I don’t know what half of it is for. Plus it’s pink, it’s pretty, so touché to the marketing team for this brand.

One may wish to not get too carried away with the clever marketing techniques here. Even though the cheaper brands may be presented with pretty, colourful and different shaped handles; it does not take away from that fact it is still pretty poor to average quality. Chances of the handle break, snapping, the paint on it peeling and chipping are pretty darn high.

If we can draw ourselves away from the glittery, pretty fabulous awesomeness of how well they are presented; it is worth while looking at the companies sale pitch. The emotive words that they use to sell their product. They are very well aware that their product is cheap tat, but that does not stop them attempting to sell it as much more than that. Words like “Luxurious”, “high quality”. Let’s not kid ourselves; if it was truly high quality and super luxurious than they would have some highly paid pouting celebrity to promote their products for them.  If you are paying around the £10 mark we need to be fully aware that the set will be neither of these things.

The best cheap makeup brushes!

One can easily spot the very clever marketing if you look at the descriptions. At a glance it is a long description of the product with all of the key words, and lots of bullet points. Automatically we believe this product is not only a bargain and we must buy it immediately, but it also must have magical powers of some sort.  You will give yourself a quick giggle if you actually take the time to read these descriptions. “100% new”. Well one would really hope so! You wouldn’t want to buy and use second hand products would you? “Premium”, another key word that grabs our attention, followed by a description of what a makeup brush does. It is like telling somebody that a bath holds water. It is painfully obvious but that fact it is partnered with these key words, it makes it sound impressive.

Why is it when any company throws in a “box” we are so impressed. In some weird universe this almost makes it sound like a gift set in itself. We are most vulnerable to sales ploys like this around the holiday periods. We think, “It comes with a box, it will make a great gift!”.

“Specially designed”, yes we’re sure. Yet oddly enough this specially designed item looks identical to every other one on the market. But very clever though.

“Used by professionals/for professionals”. Well it must be good then if all the top end professionals are using it! Wait… it is suddenly hard to visualise the makeup artists to the Hollywood elite hopping on an e-commerce site like Amazon and grabbing the £13 special with the pretty box.  My favourite comment is saying that it can also be used by armatures. Well thank goodness this budget bucket bargain can be used by us mere mortals.

However, after that slightly venomous and scathing observation of this product to use as an example; if one were to scroll down to the reviews, they are actually quite impressive. As stated above; a lot of people were delighted that it came with a box. As a lot of these reviewers were people who bought this as a gift for someone else; the details of the review of the product itself is very limited. Someone made a great point that these cheaper models are fantastic for teenagers, which agreed they are a great starting point and foundation.

Even though a large percentage of the reviews were for 4 stars or higher, of the small amount of reviews that were three stars or lower said the same thing; a strong smell of acetone from the box and the brushes were poor quality. They felt they paid too high a price for such a low quality product.

We have to be honest with ourselves, truly honest; you are getting what you pay for. For that particular 33 piece set, you are getting each brush for around 40p each. Anything for 40p we know, we have to know is not going to be of any particular quality. So do we truly have the right to be disappointed and huffy about it? We can say that we expected better and we believed we paid this price for a better quality product, but really we didn’t. Even the best bargain hunter in the world would struggle to find individual brushes for 40p each. You know for that price that manufacturers are going to pick the cheapest quality products and it is obvious they still need to make a profit, so the quality is actually even lower than we thought.

All in all you get what you pay for. If you are seeking a bargain, some products for your makeup back on a budget; you are not going to get silky soft bristles and hardy handles. The company will not make a profit so there is no point in doing it. But maybe we should actually be happy that there are companies that are willing to manufacture products that will give the chance for anyone, on any budget to have these products. We are in the technological age now where products that were once reserved for the incredibly rich and higher social standing classes are not available to everyone. But being realistic, a company cannot financially create a product of really high quality and sell it for painfully cheap, they would go under and bankrupt very quickly. So we have to rely and try and appreciate these smaller brands that do create these products to suit our pockets. Their options are probably very limited when it comes to sourcing. Too high quality products or ingredients will mean they have to bump up the price from our end.

I think we need to accept we cannot have it both ways. If you have previously used a high quality brand as your preferred choice for makeup brushes; then you will notice a considerable difference with a cheaper brand. However, if like me you have never really paid too much attention to the quality; then you will probably not notice the difference. A brush I have had for far too many years, way more than recommended versus a Versace one. The Versace one is very soft and silky and feels lovely on your skin, but I have never really noticed a difference in the ability to apply makeup well.  It is also probably down to how heavily you use and depend on makeup. If your face is your war paint and wouldn’t be caught dead outside with your face on; then it may be worth investing, however if you are indifferent to it; then a nice cheap set will be more than efficient for your needs.

The Best Full Frame Camera Selection Guide Around!

Since their design was established, full frame cameras have proven themselves as the legacy of cameras in which high end entrepreneurs and professionals should invest while making a purchase.

Full frame cameras are the go to cameras if you want to produce images or videos which won’t have even a miniscule detail to ridicule.

Their main feature, the full frame sensors allow for larger pixels which produce pictures naturally more light absorbent who by default will have less image static compared to cameras who don’t not posses this feature.

Texture with the best possible detail, images with the ultimate autofocus and the greatest image depth in general are only their basic features. They go so much further.

While the go to genre of cameras, normally these cameras differ from one another in their performance due to a multitude of factors such as their specialization, the brand that produces them and of course, their price. So which full frame camera is the best?

While I am aware that you’re anxious to jump into the actual camera review, I would suggest that we see the pros and cons of full frame cameras compared to their counterpart and how their performance affects their usefulness and to a degree, with what difficulties in commodity these cameras dabble.


  • Lowered static noise (varying from camera to camera) in full frame cameras is one of their main features, and as such they are equipped with larger pixel sensors.
  • If need be, the full frame camera’s larger amount of present megapixels compared to a cropped frame one can produce images with lower to null amount of resolution dilution (this comes in play if you need to print pictures or present videos on larger projectors without having the quality suffer).
  • As a technological breakthrough in the industry, almost all camera producing giants have mainly turned (and focused most of their work) on producing full frame cameras. Such being the case, if you’re unwilling to invest into a full frame camera for personal reasons, you might find it difficult finding an adequate non full frame one.


  • By the virtue of basic logic, it should be reasonable to understand that the raw material required for the production of the larger full frame camera sensors, their price is going to be on the higher end of the spectrum.
  • Even though there are full frame cameras designed for people who travel extensively and are generally a much better overhaul compared to the cropped frame ones, they are simply heavier (requiring more space for the placement of the sensor).

Now it becomes more hectic. We’ve reviewed the full frame camera pros and cons (which obviously lean heavily towards more pros than cons), and repeat the question of the century – which full frame camera is the best?
If we’re being really, and I do mean really simplistic about this one would argue that simply the highest performing (both image and video), most sturdy, highest duration, most feature options and last but not least, the most expensive full frame camera is the best, period.

But if we take in consideration that we don’t NEED all the features at once and the fact that some of them are mutually exclusive (best picture quality might result in lower fps for video production, high features might result in a non sturdy camera, a robust camera might be too heavy to travel around with and so forth).

So, to truly answer the question we must first rephrase it – which full frame camera is the optimal choice FOR YOU?

The Best Full Frame Camera Selection Guide Around!

Which full framed camera is the optimal choice FOR YOU?

  • Budget is always a factor (if not an issue). The budget you set on will ultimately define the purchase, but the purchase should also redefine the budget as well. Depending on what you need (image or video, sturdiness or features, travelling friendly camera or one meant for stationary landscape or portrait photography, or ultimately a miss match of everything or something of both sides of the coin), you can tailor your budget towards the full frame camera purchase and the qualities of the full frame camera to the flexibility of your budget as well.
  • Lens compatibility is also a factor, so if you already own a full frame camera lenses it’s best advised to just stick to the products of the company from which you made your original purchase just to make things easier on yourself.
  • Last and probably least, cost of accessories should also be taken into accord. A more expensive camera has higher maintenance and amortization cost (and vice versa), so just see how well your budget can manage the cost of the accessories and lean towards the proper price spectrum camera.

Drinks were served, appetizer is finished and now comes the main course! We’ve looked at what makes full frame cameras so amazing (and the leading product of the industry), we’ve dabbled in their pros and cons (though it was more of a technicality than anything else) and we’ve gone through the decision making process you should intake before making the optimal full frame camera purchase for yourself.

So, here it is.

Here’s my list of The Top 6 Full Frame Cameras, featuring an honorable mention.

Best full frame cameras

1. Nikon D850 ($3,297)

Category: DSLR
Megapixels: 45.7
Weight: 32.3 oz.

Lenses: 10 Great Nikon FX (Full Frame) Lenses

Being at a “cold war stalemate” for some time, both giants in the industry – Nikon and Canon have been switching places on the top full frame camera’s list for some time. But as it stands for now, with the launch of the Nikon D850, the first place has been taken and cemented. Featuring higher megapixel resolution, improved autofocus, reduced buffering time and a more durable battery life the Nikon beats its same priced Canon counterpart in all but some lesser categories. As such, it without a doubt earns the number one spot with its impeccable performance capabilities.

2. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV ($3,299)

Category: DSLR
Megapixels: 30.4
Weight: 28.2 oz.

Lenses: 10 Great Canon EF (Full Frame) Lenses

Canon’s “damsel in the spotlight” is the beautiful Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. As their prime product as a validation to the quality of their legacy, this product is of an astonishingly high quality equipped with extended functionality features for both entrepreneurs and professionals to use and utilize.

However, even though providing exceptional quality characteristics, being the same price as the Nikon D850 which objectively surpasses it in most categories, it’s rightfully placed 2nd on the list.

It does, however, surpass the Nikon equivalent in niche categories such a broader improved functionality tools, extended maneuverability while photographing or filming and lastly, it’s much lighter making it the far better choice for people who travel a lot.

It needs to be noted that due to accessories costs, people who chose a brand usually stick to it so if you’ve purchased a Canon camera product before, it would be advisable that this product continues to be your choice in order to cut down costs or prevent commodity issues.

3. Sony Alpha a7R II ($2,398)

Category: Mirrorless
Megapixels: 42.4
Weight: 22.1 oz.

Lenses: 10 Great Sony FE (Full Frame) Lenses

In today’s world, technology advances more rapidly than ever (and even continues to speed up!).

As such, the Sony Alpha a7R II is a much better upgrade and an alternative to its initial release version as the 2nd improved version fixed all the quirks and quality of life niche issues which the first product had – all of the previous issues such as suboptimal autofocus and lack of an image stabilization are now fixed, as well as having a new, reinforced mount which was initially just a step away from being able to properly hold heavier lenses.

The spotlight characteristic of this full frame camera is it’s build in weather protection and hyper quality low light filming capabilities, making it the ultimate travel full frame camera for adventurous entrepreneurs or travelling professionals.

4. Canon EOS 5DS R ($3,699)

Category: DSLR
Megapixels: 50.6
Weight: 29.7 oz.

Lenses: 10 Great Canon EF (Full Frame) Lenses

What was the Moon landing in the time of the Cold war, the Canon EOS 5DS R is the full frame camera that “took a picture of the landing”.

With amazing 50.6 megapixels of resolution, it beats the 5D Mark IV and the Nikon D810 by 20.2 and 14.5 megapixels respectfully.

Without a doubt, if you’re looking for quality resolution your search should be over so abruptly that you should be making the purchase already.

While having some issues with video rendering due to fps limitations and being hefty priced, if you’re solely interested in high resolution photography such as landscapes or portraits, then look no further.

5. Canon EOS 6D Mark II ($1,999)

Category: DSLR
Megapixels: 26.2
Weight: 24.2 oz.

While still living up to the Canon legacy of quality products, the Canon EOS 6D Mark II is objectively a bit underperforming compared to other Canon full frame cameras.

However, it does manage to keep its price just under 2000$.
This is why this Canon product is notorious for being the “Canon legacy product who cares about your budget limitations”.

The Canon EOS 6D Mark II, while lacking both in photography production quality and even video rendering capabilities (limited due to the fact that it operates on only 6.5fps) compared to other Canon full frame cameras, for people who are just getting into photography or are professionals who haven’t yet reached fame and fortune, this product will do the job perfectly.

6. Pentax K-1 ($1,897)

Category: DSLR
Megapixels: 36.2
Weight: 32.6 oz.

Now branching out from the Nikon and Canon dynasty, I present to you the Pentax K-1 full frame camera. It’s technical capabilities and photography/video producing capabilities are on pair with the quality that it’s going to be expected for a camera within its price range (plus offering some extended functionality features), this product offers something truly unique – it’s one of the most sturdy full frame camera products out there by having a full body aluminum plating.

The “Achilles heel” of this product is the fact how limited the camera lens options are.

But if you’re a person who can “look through the fingers” of this issue or manage to adjust dealing with it, the Pentax K-1 is the perfect performance-budget-value product on the market.

The Best Full Frame Camera On The Market!

As an honorable mention we have the Sony Alpha a9, presenting us a unique combination of the highest video processing capabilities a full frame camera that is available on the market, pricing incredibly high on the price spectrum at a whooping 4,500$;

7. Sony Alpha a9 ($4,498)

Category: Mirrorless
Megapixels: 24.2
Weight: 23.7 oz.

Lenses: 10 Great Sony FE (Full Frame) Lenses

Due to the price range it reaches, the Sony Alpha a9 is the most expensive full frame camera not only on the list, but on the market of available full frame cameras.

While still having astonishing characteristic, the price is way too high for what it offers with its photography producing capabilities, even being outclassed by the top Nikon and Canon spotlight products, respectively placed on the 1st and 2nd place.

HOWEVER, here comes the catch – the Sony Alpha a9 operates at 20fps which makes it not only the most expensive item on the list and in the market, but also the best video producing full frame camera in the world!

While most people don’t need anything close to a crazy 20fps, this product is the ultimate action filming tool for anyone who has that specific need.

If you’re into action filming or extreme sports filming and you want that quality action packed in an even higher quality video format which “will look more real on the camera instead of in real life”, this product purchase is without a doubt the one to make, even if you have to stretch your budget.

As such, this is my personal favorite product on the list and is listed as an honorable mention as it doesn’t follow the standard rules for full frame camera characteristic quality control, instead funneling everything in its lighting speed video rendering and processing capabilities.

I hope that all of you enjoyed the article, had a good time, got some insight on the market of full frame cameras and ultimately, you absorbed the information I provided you which will hopefully lead you on to make the optimal full frame camera purchase FOR YOU!