Gold Coins And Diamonds In Hay Day

If you are a fan of the game Hay Day by game producer Super Cell, then one of your major frustrations might be the time that it would take in order for you to be able to produce crops. This depends on the type of crop you plant, as you would have to wait it out for as quickly as a few minutes, to as long as a week in order for you to begin harvesting your crops, and in exchange, earn gold coins to buy resources. Hack sites like help you be able to do all of the processes fast. What is the significance of Gold Coins and Diamonds in Hay Day?

Gold Coins

As in real life, Gold Coins serve as a currency in the Hay Day World. Getting Coins is what you need in order for you to acquire the necessary resources for optimal production in the farm. By having more gold coins, you can get agricultural products, such as soy, carrot, wheat and corn. It also allows you to get equipment from other players. For production building, as well as accessories needed to expand, you would need accessories as well. Lastly, these gold coins can also be used to get decorations for your farm. These gold coins are earned by producing items and food, and then selling them. There also are other ways to earn gold coins in the game.


In the ways to earn money stated above, some people may tend to lose patience due to how tedious it can be. If you want to hasten the process, you would need to accelerate production, expand buildings, get assistants, and of course, get larger land. To get to do all of this, you would need to earn diamonds, which could be bought for real money or get them by chance in the game.