Unlimited Fun With Pokémon Go

Almost every mobile gamer in the world has gotten addicted to Pokemon Go. While this game is fun and exciting, it comes with certain limitations. You need Pokemon Go coins to purchase Poke Balls and other items to take the game forward. The developers of the game may state that this game is free to play however in app purchases are a hindrance. Visiting httpswwwpokemon-go-hack.de will help you get free Pokemon Go coins. You will never have to spend any money.

The basic step to get free Pokemon Go coins is by taking over a gym that has already been occupied by another team. This would mean that you will need to battle with the other team. The number of Pokemon trainers that you will need to defeat will depend on the prestige level of the gym. After you have captured a gym, you need to hold on to it for as long as possible. You can do this by assigning your strongest Pokemon to the task. Once you set your best Pokemon there you can go about visiting other gyms so that you can keep stocking up on free Pokemon Go coins.

If you want the free Pokemon Go coins to keep flowing in, you will need to hold each gym that you take over. You will need to drop off single Pokémon’s at each gym to protect the gym. This will also give you defender bonuses that result in additional free Pokemon Go coins. At any given point of time, you can have 10 gyms under your control. If you manage to control 10 gyms, you will receive almost 100 free Pokemon Go coins on a daily basis. If you keep saving these coins, you will get the power to purchase almost anything quicker than anyone else and you can do all this without spending any of your own money.