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Pet owners have a lot of cleaning to do when it comes to their carpets. Pets often tend to mess up carpets and puppies who aren’t potty trained just add to the mess. Such stains need to be cleaned with soda water and a mild detergent. You can also use ammonia to get rid of the tough stains. Hydrogen peroxide too is a great way to take off stains that are caused by pets. However if you’ve got a pet you should invest in a carpet cleaner that has been designed to target pet hair and helps in keeping your home smelling nice and clean.

Leave the solution on the stain for a while and wipe it again using warm water. Alcohol works well in taking off oil stains. Soak a towel in alcohol and wipe the stain gently. After the alcohol treatment you might need to wash your carpet to avoid the smell. The best house cleaning service san diego offers help to take off oil and grease stains in a single pass.

Blood Stains

This is one of the toughest stains to get off. Blood stains tend to stay for a long time and no matter how much you clean this stubborn stain, the marks remain on your carpets. One of the best ways to take off blood stains is ammonia. A mixture of ammonia and water can help to get rid of the blood stain. You can leave this mixture on the stain for a while and wipe it off later. If you’ve got darker carpets then you could try Hydrogen peroxide to take off the stains. Don’t use warm water to take off blood stains as this might cause it to permanently settle down on your carpets and it will be ruined.