Even More Reasons To Love Tubemate

Watching videos online through streaming is a great way to spend your free time. Thanks to sites like Netflix, Youtube, and the like, watching videos has been made much easier. On top of that, the latter platform is mostly free. A major downside about these sites though is that you are not able to make use of it whenever there is no internet connection available. To make up for that, though, there are platforms that allow you to watch videos offline by downloading them from Youtube, like tubemate apk. It’s a great app as it’s safe and secure, and even has offers great support for apps. If you want more reasons to love tubemate, here are some of its other note-worthy features.


While the conversion rate also depends on the internet connection you have, the app or software itself also works to download videos to your phone at a faster speed. The app has a high-speed downloader that is already pre-integrated into it, which would guarantee you to get your video with less time to wait for it to finish downloading, and thus would leave you more satisfied, having more time to watch videos than just wait for the download to finish.

Totally Free

One of the advantages of Tubemate is that you would not have to pay a single cent, not even for the premium features of the said app. This is a far cry from all other video apps which would let you have to pay a certain amount to get access to various features. Just like Facebook’s tagline, it’s “free, and will always be”. Even the software updates for better stability, which you can get on a regular basis do not have to be paid for, which makes it one of the most impressive apps there are.